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Symposium : Minorities, a Challenge for the States

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The International Symposium Minorities, a challenge for States is organized by the Académie royale de Belgique under the patronage of the UAI.


In every state, minorities may be considered as a threat to the unity of the nation. The questions raised by the existence of minorities are complex, different types of minorities having emerged throughout history and issued various demands. All European states have been confronted to the issue of minorities in their history, and still are today. Therefore the first symposium on minorities organized by the Académie royale de Belgique takes the European continent as field of study. To identify a more specific problem - which might be fulfilled in the future - the symposium will focus on categories of minorities which, then and now, were considered as challenges to the territorial integrity or to the political cohesion of states.

Three sessions will successively study the historical emergence of different types of minorities involved, the main currents of thought that structure the debate on minorities in Europe, and finally the responses to this question given by various European states or international institutions.


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Registration is required by email to Laurent Hansen (laurent.hansen@cfwb.be). The reservation will be guaranteed only after payment of registration fees, before 09 May, on the bank account of the Académie royale de Belgique (BE59 2100 0791 2626), with in communication: "Minorities / Name / number of people. "

Seating limited.

Simultaneous interpretration (French - English)